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Great reference sequence from Civilization V trailer

Saw this segment in the Siggraph Asia 2010 Animation Festival promo video. Tracked down the source and it’s from the Civilization V Trailer. I just pulled out the relevant sequence which is 11 seconds long. It’s awesome because it provides some really high resolution and high quality references for many of the elements I hope to include in my short film. Great reference for the viking character, weaons, ship textures, ocean/waves, etc. Really exciting to find a commercial level clip that has so much source material that applies to my own project. Enjoy!

P.S. – if anyone knows which cg production company did the work on this trailer, please let me know!

Monday, December 13th, 2010 Reference, Research/Development 4 Comments

New progress video on animated foam mask effect…

The project has been making good progress on the new foam mask effect feature. Now starting to see test footage on animating the mask via a baking process. If you haven’t already seen this video have a look!

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Early Ocean Sim Test Animation Posted!

Matt has posted an early ocean sim animation test showing wave shapes and an early foam shader. Still in the works, but heading in the right direction. Check it out!

Saturday, December 4th, 2010 Research/Development, Tests No Comments Has Released a First Test Build to Donors!

Good news, we have an early test build of the Ocean Sim branch now available for donors to download and try out! Access to the builds folder has been emailed to all current donors to the project.

Operating Systems

There are builds available for Linux 32/64, Win 32/64, and OSX 10.5+.  A big thanks to Martin Lubich, Caleb Joseph, and Hamed Zaghaghi for helping out with the extra builds!

Test Blend File

The test file oceantest.blend opens with a mesh set up using the Ocean Texture + Displacement Modifier. The Texture currently has more features developed than the Ocean Modifier.

Achievements to Date

• Realistic Ocean Wave displacement and movement in Blender 2.5! (cannot be understated)
• 2 Methods of Achieving this Displacement (Texture or Modifier)
• Foam Mask output from Ocean Texture to use with Materials and Textures (new)
• Decoupling of Ocean Sim Code from original texture so that future re-use with other tools like nodes will be much easier (not sexy but  important, the node tool is likely to be much more powerful down the road!)


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