Great reference sequence from Civilization V trailer

Saw this segment in the Siggraph Asia 2010 Animation Festival promo video. Tracked down the source and it’s from the Civilization V Trailer. I just pulled out the relevant sequence which is 11 seconds long. It’s awesome because it provides some really high resolution and high quality references for many of the elements I hope to include in my short film. Great reference for the viking character, weaons, ship textures, ocean/waves, etc. Really exciting to find a commercial level clip that has so much source material that applies to my own project. Enjoy!

P.S. – if anyone knows which cg production company did the work on this trailer, please let me know!

Monday, December 13th, 2010 Reference, Research/Development

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  • hurrrr says:

    So did you stop working on the project or what? Have not seen an update in quite some time.

  • tmcintosh says:

    @hurrr – thanks for checking in! I’ve been a little busy managing the project for the past month or so. Hope to get more progress on this project soon! Cheers.

  • tmcintosh says:

    Thanks Ben! I had actually tracked it down already, but thanks anyway!

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